Closing down but very grateful!

Thank you to all our customers!

Dear customers,

I am sorry to report that The Good Jar has shut down operations for the foreseeable future. 

Though the online shop is closed, our products are still readily available in many locations, check out our retailers map for more info.

Your kinds words of praise for our products, many which were expressed in-person, are absolutely my favorite and dearest moments over the past 6 years. To have so many of you inspired by our pickles to recall your childhoods, relatives and loved ones is forever heartwarming for me. 

A gigantic thanks to all our customers, our wholesale buyers, store owners, family members and fellow foodies! I appreciate you all giving The Good Jar a place in your homes and on your shelves.

Best regards and be well,

Eric Vierra
Proprietor, The Good Jar

ps...Thank you to my wife and fixer, Shelley, for her untold contributions and thoughtfulness. And thank you to my brother-in-law, Derek, for all his tireless labor in the kitchen. The Good Jar would not have been much at all without their involvement. -E